Join Inversion

We are currently open for auditions!

If you are a confident singer with performance experience as either a soloist or ensemble singer and are able to commit to our rehearsal and performance expectations, then we'd love to hear from you.

Auditions are a two stage process :
  1. Complete the form below and submit a 30 second video of yourself singing a cappella (without musical accompaniment) 
  2. If we feel that your voice suits what we're looking for, we will be in touch within a few days to arrange an audition.
The timing of any physical audition will be arranged to suit you, most likely on a Tuesday night in December or January.

Inversion Membership Expectations
  • Joining a group like Inversion requires time and commitment. We expect that our members are able to attend 90% of rehearsals and performances and that they will commit time to learning and practicing parts outside of rehearsal time.
  • Basic vocal lines and lyrics should be learned  before rehearsal and not during rehearsal.  Sheet music and learning tracks are available for use at home.
  • Membership of Inversion is not free. Rehearsal fees are charged to cover the overheads of running the group but the group itself is non-profit. 2021 rehearsal fees are $150/school term (discounts for members under 25 and full time uni students) + a $10 annual membership fee for insurance purposes. 

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